T O   C O N T R I B U T I N G   P H O T O G R A P H E R S

We welcome photographers who wish to contribute to our library. Before making a submission, please contact us by email or telephone +44 (0)20-8795 3581.

We sell reproduction rights of pictures and do not promote photographers. Our clients rent pictures to sell their products and services. And they expect the very best. Therefore, we expect you to produce images that are outstanding. When a sale is made, we pay you 60% of the amount we receive. What we need from you, is a long term commitment to stock photography, so that we receive regular additional submissions. In order to achieve sales, it is important that you build a sizeable stock with us. Photographers who put in an initial submission of a few hundred pictures, then wait for results usually miss out.

Shoot specifically with both the leisure and business traveller in mind. Images suitable for advertising bring in the highest sales. A picture may be required by clients for various purposes, so try and shoot as many different views of the same subject. Perhaps a city skyline - at day and at night, or a famous beach - with and without people etc.

Browse through our site and see the kind of pictures we sell. Here are general guidelines:

Typical travel brochure views. These can be the most popular images of places that we are used to seeing. However, your creative input is vital in producing something better or different. The picture could also say a little more than just the view of the place. Eg: a shot of the Pyramids at Giza, with camels passing by will sell better, than the pyramids on its own. Or a famous temple with a monk worshipping at it has more potential than the temple on its own.

'Advertising' images, that sell a destination. These are pictures where we expect you to be both art director and photographer, able to set up shots, perhaps using models and props. You should discuss ideas with us first.

Local lifestyle, culture, festivals, historic/religious sites, amusing signs. People in national dress, dancers - full figure shots as well as head to waist. People shots are very much in demand, and the expression on faces or what they are doing is critical and should reflect the feel of the place.

Flora and fauna. Although close-ups are useful, do also shoot pictures that include some background that identify the location. Eg: a close-up of a lion, with the African background, will sell better than if it looked as if it was in a zoo!

People on holiday: families, couples, sunbathers, weddings, watersports, divers among coral reef fish, winter sports, shopping, cafes/restaurants and nightlife. Interesting or grand hotels, waiters serving food and cocktails, exotic food displays. Cruising, fly/drive, cycling, walking/trekking, and special interest holidays.


: High Resolution files should be supplied on CD or DVD.
From CAMERA: DSLRs used must be capable of producing RAW files (about 16MB or higher), and suitable for large size reproduction. Convert to TIFF or TIFF LZW - 300dpi about 5100 pixels (more if you’re using a full frame DSLR). File size should be a minimum of 40MB (suitable for up to A3 size). Images should be colour corrected, chromatic aberration removed, but with no sharpening or over-processing. If you’re not fully experienced in using Photoshop or other software, simply convert your RAW files to TIFF and submit them. Please do not upsize images unnecessarily - they will be rejected.

From TRANSPARENCIES: They must be professionally scanned in 48 bit, at 300 dpi. 35mm images should be at least 5000 pixels (longest side) and Medium Format film scanned to over 6000 pixels. Save in TIFF (or Tiff LZW). Images must be colour corrected, cleaned and with no sharpening. If you want us to scan and prepare your pictures, we charge a fee of £3 (US$4) per image.

If you’re shooting on film, we prefer 120 format (6x4.5cm to 6x7cm). If sending transparencies for us to scan, the cost of postage by normal mail (airmail for overseas) will be added to cost of scans, and will be invoiced via Paypal. Note: we do not supply you with digital copies, which remain our property.

CAPTIONS: A good caption goes a long way towards selling pictures. They must be accurate and describe the picture fully, but succinctly. Eg: Thailand. Bangkok. Grand Palace (Wat Phra Keo). Figure of a demon guardian. Names of famous streets, shops, buildings, mountains, etc should be included. With most countries, we also need to know the province or region, in addition to the place itself.

MODEL RELEASES: These must be supplied with close-up shots of holidaymakers, professional or amateur models. If not, please state so in writing. Pictures of private houses, interiors, possessions etc also require a release.

AGREEMENT / TERMS: Detailed below are the terms of Jaytravelphotos (hereafter called the Agency), on which it will accept a contributing photographer's work. The photographer must acknowledge and agree to all these terms, by confirming via e-mail or letter. The Agency reserves the right to change or update these terms as necessary.
1. The photographer agrees that all the images submitted to the Agency are the photographer's exclusive work and copyright and that model/property releases (if applicable) are available, unless stated to the contrary.
2. The photographer agrees that the Agency will be his/her agent for the sale of reproduction rights of the pictures supplied. It is also agreed that the photographer may submit duplicate pictures to other ‘non-exclusive’ agencies.
3. The photographer agrees to fully indemnify the Agency against any claims that may be made by persons or their property appearing in the photographer's pictures, should such claims arise.
4. The photographer agrees to the Agency taking a sales commission of 40% of all payments received by the Agency from the sale of reproduction of the photographer's pictures. Commission is paid via Paypal account.
5. The Agency may offer reproduction rights worldwide of the photographer's pictures, directly to clients or via sub agents without any restrictions.
6. The Agency agrees to pay the photographer within one month of receiving payment from the Agency's clients and
sub agents.
7. The photographer agrees that all his/her pictures accepted by the agency will be retained for a minimum period of seven years. Thereafter either party may give six months notice of termination. The Agency will cease to market the photographers images, subject to any existing agreements or negotiation relating to them, between the Agency and client. The Agency does not return any digital images or copies with sub agencies.
8. Following the termination: the photographer agrees that some their images may still be displayed online at the Agency’s or sub agent’s sites. Should any sales occur after the end of the Agreement, the Agency will pass on commission to the photographer.
9. Following the termination: any photographer’s low resolution images left in the Agency’s or any sub agencies web sites may be eventually deleted at their convenience (however long this period may be). The Photographer agrees that it may not be possible to delete every image of theirs from the Agency’s or any sub agents’ web sites, and should any still appear on a web site, it will not be deemed by the photographer or any other person as a copyright infringement.
10. The photographer agrees that THE AGENCY DOES NOT ACCEPT FINANCIAL OR ANY OTHER LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR THE LOSS, THEFT, DAMAGE OR UNAUTHORISED USE OF PICTURES LEFT IN THEIR POSSESSION (OR IN TRANSIT) BY THE PHOTOGRAPHER, OR LEFT OR DELIVERED TO ANY OF THE AGENCY'S CLIENTS. If the Agency receives compensation from its clients for any unauthorised use, the Agency agrees to pass on to the photographer 60% of the sum received. The photographer agrees that he/she will not make claims or enter into any disputes with the Agency, sub agencies or the Agency’s clients on this matter, or regarding any picture losses/damage/reproduction, however caused. This applies during and after the photographer’s agreement term